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Navy Blue Snood Turban Renaissance Style Jewish Muslim Christian African Hijab Tichel For Women. Made in USA

Uptown Girl Headwear

Navy Blue Snood Turban Renaissance Style Jewish Muslim Christian African Hijab Tichel For Women. Made in USA

$ 25.95 $ 34.95

Uptown Girl Headwear Classic Snood

 A classic snood is a type of headwear that has been around for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to the medieval times when women started wearing hairnets to keep their hair intact while working. These hairnets evolved over time to become snoods, which have a more decorative and fashionable touch.

A snood is typically made of fabric or yarn and is designed to fit snugly around the head, covering the hair completely. It is often worn as a hair accessory by women for both practical and fashion purposes. A classic snood can be made in various different styles and colors, and can be embellished with beads, sequins, or other decorations. The snood was especially popular in the 1940s during the war, as women often wore them to keep their hair out of their faces while working in factories or participating in other activities. They were also commonly used as an alternative to hats, as they were more comfortable and practical. In modern times, snoods continue to be a popular accessory for women. They are often used as an alternative to traditional headbands or hair ties, and can be worn in a variety of different styles. Some snoods are designed to look like scarves and can be draped around the neck, while others are designed to be worn as headbands or even as full head-coverings. Overall, the snood remains a classic and enduring style of headwear that continues to be both practical and fashionable.

True dark navy blue. 

Jersey knit fabric 

Unique gift by Uptown Girl Headwear  

The perfect shade of beautiful navy blue.

Stylish chic slip on hair turban

Suitable for modest dressing, and religious women

Fits woman head size. Band is stretchy for your comfort

Closed at the back

No need to tie your hair up. Easy on easy off.  Easy to fold, easy to wear and easy to pack.

Made in USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 By Uptown Girl Headwear New York


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