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Easy to wear slip on style Headwear fashion
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Uptown Girl Headwear has mastered the art of creating comfortable, high-quality headwear that doesn't sacrifice style. Whether you're looking for a cozy beanie, a chic turban, or a playful headband, Uptown Girl Headwear has a range of options to choose from. With their commitment to using the softest, most comfortable fabrics and attention to detail in design, Uptown Girl Headwear is the go-to brand for anyone looking for headwear that looks and feels great.
Manufactured, designed and shipped from New York, a full line of fashion Headwear is offered to you by the Uptown Girl Headwear team. Order early before Holiday seasons to avoid sold out products. Uptown Girl Headwear is where to buy male and female head scarves, hair covers, turbans, hair snoods, hats and caps in Brooklyn New York. Uptown Girl Headwear is Made in USA. We have 2 lines that are imported, then designed and finished in USA.ย 

Uptown Girl Headwear started in the bedroom of my old basement apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Over the past 30 years the journey has included a factory and office overlooking the East River, Statue of Liberty, and the Manhattan skyline. I am so proud to manufacture Uptown Girl Headwear for men and women here in the USA. Especially in New York; the fashion capital of the world! The American Dream for a British Girl!

Most of Uptown Girl Headwear's unique and beautiful pieces are made or designed and finished in the USA. Uptown Girl Headwear's headwear uses the finest fabrics, like American Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Genuine Swarovski Crystals. We create modern colorful headscarves for men and women, andย  male and female bandanas, fashion hats and caps. Making our customers feel attractive and beautiful is our love and goal. We proudly serve the needs of men, women, teenagers and children experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or other medical issues, as well as ladies who cover their head for religious reasons.ย 

Uptown Girl Headwear is perfect for fashion lovers, for sports enthusiasts, healthcare professionals, chefs, food preparers and beach lovers!ย 

Enjoy the world of Uptown Girl Headwear, made especially for you.ย