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Where is Uptown Girl Headwear located?
Our offices and factory are in New York City.

Where does Uptown Girl Headwear manufacture?
Uptown Girl Headwear manufactures in our own factory in New York.

When will you ship my order?
We will try to ship the same business day, but it could take up to 3 business days.

How do you ship?

Do you ship abroad?
Yes. You are responsible for shipping, taxes and duties if they incur.

What size am I?
Medium/large is one size fits most.
Petite is offered in some styles for ladies with petite heads.
XL is for men or women who like more space.

How can I contact you?
718 614 9604
346 422 0744

What is your return policy?
Headwear must be brand new to return it. Tried on for a minute or two, but not longer, is brand new. We offer a full refund, no need for a reason, on any brand new headwear, and you have 14 days to return it to our MAILING ADDRESS.
1454 East 23rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11210. NO signature needed please.

Is Uptown Girl Headwear cotton?
A lot of Uptown Girl Headwear is cotton. We also manufacture headwear from fabrics that feel like your softest t shirt.