Summer 2024 🌴🛍 LIGHTWEIGHT PREMIUM STYLISH HEADGEAR 🇺🇸 Largest selection ever! Custom XL and petite sizes now available 🌴🛍 Made in NY! Advertised in Times Square! (1718) 614-9604
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Modern Bohemian Style Headwear | Adjustable Hair Wrap & Hipster Turban Snood Woman’s Head Scarf Hijab Fashion Hair Wrap

Uptown Girl Headwear

Modern Bohemian Style Headwear | Adjustable Hair Wrap & Hipster Turban Snood Woman’s Head Scarf Hijab Fashion Hair Wrap

$ 29.95 $ 34.95

Perfect winter summer head scarf 
No fuss design

Very easy on easy off and easy to wear all day long

Suitable for young bohemian style girls and women.

❤️ For long hair

❤️ For short hair

❤️ For Natural Hair

❤️ We just love this wrap around look

❤️ Ties are approximately 30 inches for easy wrapping.

❤️ Fits head size 20-24 inches. Small medium large head. 

❤️ Soft & stretchy fabric!

❤️ Versatile, ties can be used to wrap in multiple ways around the head for different looks.

❤️ Can be used for hair loss, for religious purposes, or for fashion!

Made in New York


Uptown Girl Headwear is proudly Made in USA, manufactured in Brooklyn, New York. We import a few lines, and finish them in our New York Factory. The factory is our own, allowing for excellent quality control. We manufacture unisex caps, fashion headscarves, hair wraps, snoods, hijabs, tichels, womens turbans, beach wraps and comfortable headgear, made from premium fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo material. We produce vintage style scarves, denim, beach head wraps and sun visor scarves. We are at the forefront of innovative styling, manufacturing Renaissance style Headwear and Vintage style scarves and snoods too. Christmas gifts, Halloween costumes, and traditional Head coverings for Jewish, Muslim and Christian women to cover their hair. Fashionable modest clothing, while staying feminine and sexy. 


Hand made in Brooklyn, we offer Headwear that provides full coverage for men and women with alopecia, for cancer patients, with hair loss due to chemotherapy. We offer a great solution when looking for head warmers for a bald head. Easy on easy off style makes Uptown Girl Headwear a solution for modern hijabs for fashionistas and hijabers. Wear Uptown Girl Headwear on the beach to help protect you from the sun.

Uptown Girl Headwear is the hair accessory of choice for modern young women and men worldwide, from New York to London, Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Stock up now because Uptown Girl Headwear makes a great Christmas gift that’s easy to pack, wrap and send. 

Thank you for choosing Uptown Girl Headwear to cover your head.


If you would like to be a distributor of Uptown Girl Headwear or buy Uptown Girl Headwear for resale, please call:

718 614 9604

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