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Cotton  Classic Renaissance Style Black Snood Hijab With Turban Twist Headband - Uptown Girl Headwear

Uptown Girl Headwear

Cotton or Lycra Black Classic Snood Turban Renaissance Style Snood Hijab With Twist Headband

$ 25.95 $ 29.95
  • Lightweight head scarf with a stretchy band for your comfort 
  • Cotton fabric choice is 95% cotton 5% spandex
  • Lycra fabric choice is lightweight spandex
  • Closed at the back, providing full coverage and a modest headwear solution 
  • Available in 4 colors, classic snood. Stretchy band 
  • Back is closed. Drapes to below shoulders 
  • Fits head size circumference 20-23 inches. Small Medium Plus
  • Perfect for concealing hair loss
  • Turban twist headband front gives you height
  • Uptown Girl Headwear creates stylish head wraps for those who cover their hair for religious reasons, are going through chemotherapy, are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, or just love to look fashionable 

Made in the U.S.A.

Designed and Manufactured by Uptown Girl Headwear 


Worn by women of all religions world wide.

Most American Muslim women who choose to cover their hair typically do so by wearing a headscarf known as a "hijab." The style and method of wearing the hijab can vary among individuals. Some common ways of wearing the hijab include:

  1. Traditional Hijab: This involves covering the hair and neck with a scarf, leaving the face exposed. The scarf is typically wrapped around the head and pinned in place.

  2. Turban-Style Hijab: Some women may choose to wrap their hijabs in a turban-like fashion, which covers the hair and neck and may include additional layers or accessories.

  3. Al-Amira Hijab: This is a two-piece hijab consisting of a snug cap and a matching headscarf that is pulled over it. It's relatively easy to put on and is popular for its simplicity.

  4. Shayla Hijab: The shayla is a rectangular scarf that is draped over the head and shoulders, with one end typically longer than the other. It is wrapped and pinned in place.

  5. Khimar: A khimar is a long, flowing cape-like hijab that covers the hair, neck, and shoulders. It is often worn with a separate headpiece or cap.

  6. Chador: Some Muslim women, particularly those from Iran, may wear a chador, which is a full-body cloak that covers the head and extends down to the feet.

It's important to note that the choice of hijab style can vary based on personal preference, cultural background, and interpretation of Islamic modesty guidelines. Additionally, many American Muslim women may also wear a niqab (face veil) or a burqa (full-body covering with a mesh screen over the eyes), but these coverings are less common and represent more conservative interpretations of modesty.

Overall, the way American Muslim women cover their hair is diverse and can be influenced by a range of factors, including religious beliefs, cultural background, and personal style.

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