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Baseball Cap Scarf Black Sun Visor To Cover Conceal and Shade Hair by Uptown Girl Headwear. Made in USA

Uptown Girl Headwear

Baseball Cap Scarf Black Sun Visor To Cover Conceal and Shade Hair by Uptown Girl Headwear. Made in USA

$ 32.95 $ 34.95

Wrapped handkerchief ball cap 

Sun hat 

Sun visor with hair scarf attached  

Best headwear for the sun 

American headwear. We manufacture

Made in New York

Unique gift she will keep wearing 

Made in USA.

Quality, sexy black stretchy sun visor baseball cap scarf 

Best gift for a friend, relative or teacher

Designer hat for the lady who lives in Florida, California, Michigan, USA, Europe and Dubai 

For vacations or cruises.

For ladies in the Middle East, and destinations and Islands around the world.
Uptown Girl Headwear manufactures & offers chic leisurewear. 

Soft comfortable lightweight. Perfect for the sun.
Easy on and off. For the beach, for cancer patients, for fashion, for alopecia, for Muslim women, for Jewish women, for head-covering Christian women, for cruising, casual wear and athletes.

❤️ Uptown Girl Headwear brand
❤️ Great match for your all season wardrobe

New slip on style. Slip it on like a hat.
❤️Fits head size circumference 21 - 24 inches. Small medium large head size
❤️ Uptown Girl Headwear is a Prestigious Headwear company manufacturing in New York.
❤️ Soft lightweight comfortable stretchy pre tied head covering for women.
❤️ An all year round solid design.
❤️ Ties can be wrapped, tied, made into a bun, knotted or left hanging
❤️ Ties are approximately 12 inches.
❤️ Pre Tied feature means the back is gathered with hidden elastic.
❤️ Modern and fun hat, also suitable for hair loss
❤️ Provides full coverage for hair loss  & alopecia


Uptown Girl Headwear is proudly Made in USA, manufactured in Brooklyn, New York.
We import a few lines, and finish them in our New York Factory. The factory is our own, allowing for excellent quality control. We manufacture unisex caps, fashion headscarves, hair wraps, snoods, hijabs, tichels, beach wraps and comfortable headgear, made from premium fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo material. We produce vintage style scarves, denim, beach head wraps and sun visor scarves. 

Hand made in Brooklyn, Uptown Girl Headwear offers Headwear that provides full coverage for men and women with alopecia, for hospital patients, or ladies with cancer, or with hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Uptown Girl Headwear is a great solution when looking for head warmers for a bald head. Easy on easy off style makes Uptown Girl Headwear a solution for modern hijabs for fashionistas and hijabers. Wear Uptown Girl Headwear on the beach to help protect you from the sun.

Uptown Girl Headwear is the hair accessory of choice for modern young women and men worldwide, from New York to London, UAE Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Stock up now because Uptown Girl Headwear makes a great personal  gift for a friend that’s easy to pack, wrap and send no matter where she lives. 

Thank you for choosing Uptown Girl Headwear.

text 718 614 9604 


Head scarves have a variety of uses, including:

  1. Fashion Accessory: Head scarves can be worn as a stylish fashion accessory, adding color and flair to an outfit.

  2. Hair Protection: They can protect your hair from harsh weather conditions like sun, wind, or rain, reducing damage and frizz.

  3. Cultural or Religious Symbol: Head scarves are worn by people of various cultures and religions as a symbol of identity or faith, such as the hijab in Islam or the turban in Sikhism.

  4. Medical or Hair Loss Cover: Some individuals wear head scarves to cover hair loss due to medical conditions or as a result of chemotherapy.

  5. Modesty and Dress Code: In some places, head scarves are worn to adhere to modesty or dress code requirements, often in religious or conservative communities.

  6. Versatile Headwear: They can be used as versatile headwear, like a bandana, to keep your hair in place during outdoor activities or workouts.

  7. Protection from Dust and Pollution: In areas with high levels of dust or pollution, head scarves can help protect your hair and scalp.

  8. Travel Accessory: When traveling, head scarves can be used as a quick and convenient way to cover your head or face for added protection from the elements.

  9. Statement Piece: Some people use head scarves to make a personal or political statement, expressing their beliefs or solidarity with a cause.

  10. Costume or Dress-Up: They are often used as part of costumes or dress-up outfits for themed parties, events, or Halloween.

The versatility of head scarves allows them to serve both practical and symbolic purposes across different cultures and contexts.


Syrian Jewish women in New York have a long history of wearing head scarves, which serves as a symbol of their religious and cultural identity. This practice reflects the rich tapestry of traditions and customs that these communities have brought with them from Syria to their new homes in New York City and its surrounding areas.

  1. Religious Observance: For many Syrian Jewish women, wearing a head scarf, known as a "tichel" or "mitpachat" in Hebrew, is a deeply ingrained religious practice. It is rooted in their interpretation of modesty and is often seen as an extension of their commitment to Orthodox Judaism. These scarves are typically worn in a way that covers their hair, in accordance with Jewish laws of modesty.

  2. Cultural Heritage: The Syrian Jewish community in New York maintains a strong connection to its Syrian heritage. Head scarves are an essential part of this cultural identity. The scarves often feature intricate patterns and colors that reflect the aesthetics of traditional Syrian clothing.

  3. Community Solidarity: Wearing head scarves is not just an individual choice but also a communal one. It symbolizes unity within the Syrian Jewish community, reinforcing their shared religious and cultural values. It is a way for women to express their identity as part of this close-knit community.

  4. Transition to New York: When Syrian Jewish families immigrated to New York, they brought their customs and traditions with them. The head scarf is a visible and meaningful representation of this continuity. It connects the generations, with younger women often learning the art of tying and styling head scarves from their mothers and grandmothers.

  5. Adaptation to Modern Life: While the practice of wearing head scarves remains rooted in tradition, it has also evolved to accommodate the modern lifestyle of Syrian Jewish women in New York. Scarves may be paired with contemporary clothing styles, allowing women to balance tradition with the demands of daily life.

In conclusion, the sight of Syrian Jewish women wearing head scarves in New York is a testament to their deep religious convictions, cultural heritage, and the resilience of their community. It serves as a visible reminder of the rich tapestry of traditions that immigrant communities bring to the diverse fabric of the city.

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