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New Slip On Style Pre-Tied Fitted Head Chic Scarf To Relax and Chill - Uptown Girl Headwear

Uptown Girl Headwear

New Slip On Style Pre-Tied Fitted Head Chic Scarf To Relax and Chill

$ 21.95
  • ❤️ For Travel or socializing, or to relax, rest and chill.
  • ❤️ Made in USA
  • ❤️ Fits head size circumference 20-24 inches. Sm Med Lg
  • ❤️ Ties are approximately 12 inches 
  • ❤️ Ties can be left hanging, tucked in, or tied in a bow, bun or knot.
  • ❤️ Adjustable size. Tie the two ties for smaller head. Let the elastic stretch for bigger head.
  • ❤️ Uptown Girl Headwear is a manufacturer and distributor of modern, stunning, quality Head Scarves and Head Wraps that are proudly made in the USA, by women, for women. Fun, Easy on-Easy off
  • ❤️Uptown Girl Headwear helps you look great and feel happy.
  • Whether you cover your hair for fashion, for religious obligation or for hair loss, Uptown Girl Headwear has what you need.
  • Features: Built in elastic at the back to help prevent slipping. Elastic that is crafted into this head scarf.
  • Perfect for concealing hair loss
  • Uptown Girl Headwear creates stylish head wraps for those who cover their hair for religious reasons, are going through chemotherapy, are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, or just love to look fashionable. 
Made in the U.S.A.
Designed and Manufactured by Uptown Girl Headwear- New York City

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